Amazing Montenegro

15:00 June 01, 2020
Amazing Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful and amazing country with a long history, traditions, beautiful landscapes and a pleasant climate. This European country attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year who want to get acquainted with numerous attractions and spend their free time in an exciting way. In addition, there are relatively low prices and high quality of goods and services, perfectly developed infrastructure and quality service. It should also be noted that you can buy real estate in Montenegro with a small financial cost.

General information about Montenegro

The total area of the country is 13,812 square kilometers. It borders four European countries, such as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. The length of the land border reaches 614 km, and the coast-300 km (including 73 km of beaches). According to the current Constitution, the state is recognized as "eco-friendly", so there are no large industrial enterprises on the territory of the country that emit pollution from their pipes (there are no various harmful industries that can harm the environment).

The Climate of Montenegro

The country is located on the Balkan Peninsula with access to the Adriatic Sea – this is another factor that attracts tourists. Distinctive features of the climate – the presence of three climate zones:

• South-West (Mediterranean);

• Northern (sub-Alpine);

• Central (continental).

The average temperature in the country varies from + 18 to + 28, and in winter-falls to -10. Therefore, visiting this country is comfortable at any time of the year, while the rest is still diverse and interesting. It should be said that for beach lovers, the ideal time of arrival is from May to October (in Montenegro, 240 days in which the sun prevails).

Features of nature

The nature of Montenegro is beautiful and multi-faceted. Here every traveler can enjoy the most beautiful views of the Adriatic coast, the fields of the Central plain, and the rocky foothills. This state is often called a "Mountain country", since about 50% of its territory is located at an altitude of more than 100 meters. But despite this, there are 40 lakes that occupy a special place among important natural reservoirs and are considered natural monuments.

As for the mountain range, it attracts with its beauty and grandeur. At first glance, the mountains in Montenegro seem inaccessible, but in practice, every traveler can easily climb to the peak of the peak, for example, Durmitra (2522) or Lovcena.

Forests are also an integral part of the country's nature, because their array occupies almost 40% of the territory. Most of the growing trees are coniferous, but there are also such as maple and beech, Linden and yew. The animal world is no less diverse, where you can find wolves, foxes, hares, squirrels and even bears.

Montenegro's cuisine surprises

The national cuisine was formed as a result of mixing many culinary traditions, which made it very original and interesting. The variety of dishes is impressive, which were influenced by Slavic, Turkish, Hungarian, German and other traditions.

The national cuisine of Montenegro is rich, delicious and healthy dishes made from natural products. The predominance of healthy food is due to the fact that the country has all the conditions for growing organic ingredients: the land is particularly fertile, and livestock graze in environmentally friendly areas.

The culinary tradition has a fairly large number of dishes that are very popular among both locals and travelers. Among them we can mention such as "CERBA", "prosciutto", "cevapcici" and "pleskavitsa", lamb under the sachems, "kaymak", "cicvara" and so forth.

Sights and cultural monuments of Montenegro

This beautiful and amazing country is interesting not only from the tourist point of view, but also for living,  in addition, real estate in Montenegro is sold cheaply. Therefore, there has been a recent trend for citizens of other countries to move here.

On the territory of this European state there are a great number of historical and cultural monuments, which are mostly well preserved. There are dozens of ancient monasteries and ancient settlements, a considerable number of balneological resorts, truly unique natural complexes, etc.

Kotor Bay

This place is located in the Adriatic sea, and it includes several bays. Tourists are attracted by the presence of ancient buildings that were built in their time by the Greeks, Romans and Illyrians. Tourist centers were formed around the buildings, receiving their guests for a measured and interesting vacation.


This resort island is connected to the mainland by a narrow natural isthmus. Noteworthy sights include the Cathedral of the assumption of our lady, the churches of Alexander Nevsky and St. Stephen. Well-developed infrastructure makes it possible for visitors to these places to have a fascinating and comfortable rest from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Saint John's fortress in Kotor

The structure has been standing for more than 1000 years, since the construction of the fortress began in the IX century. The wall has an impressive thickness of up to 20 meters. The observation platform rises to a height of 284 meters. There is also a small Church named after St. John. Travelers rush their way to the fortress to fully enjoy informative and leisurely walks, as well as admire the structure, which was not taken by Turkish ships (300 warships).

Skadar lake

One of the largest lakes in the Balkans – Skadar lake, which is fed by 6 rivers (from the reservoir flows only one Boyana, which flows into the Adriatic sea). The beauty of this place impresses travelers with its uniqueness, in addition, the waters of the lake are home to an impressive number of various fish, so fishing will be successful even for novice anglers. It should be noted that you can rent fishing accessories, so if necessary, you can easily organize a vacation in nature with fishing.

At the same time, old fortresses, churches and monasteries are well preserved on the shores of the lake. Thus, each guest can diversify their vacation by combining walks by the lake and informative visits to attractions.

Culture Of Montenegro

This Balkan country has a rich, ancient and interesting culture, which was formed under the influence of the peoples of various countries, in particular Turkey, Greece and Serbia. In addition, the culture of Montenegro was formed under the influence of the Orthodox faith – it came to these places from Byzantium. It must be said that Islam has also made its contribution (today 20% of the country's population profess this religion).

The main feature of the Montenegrins is an irresistible courage, courage and love of independence. All these features were clearly manifested in the times when these lands were carried out numerous campaigns of invaders.

Another important feature of this people is their love of life and hospitality – the homes of Montenegrins are always open to guests. One of my favorite activities is to organize gatherings and spend my free time communicating with my friends.

Many holidays will also not let you get bored, in addition, they are celebrated with a fair amount of pomp: General festivities, masquerades and other entertainment events are arranged.

Why more and more people are looking to buy real estate in Montenegro

For quite a long time, buying real estate in this Balkan country is one of the most popular solutions. The mild and warm climate, friendliness and hospitality of the local population, a large number of beautiful places and cultural monuments, reasonable prices for a variety of goods and services are not all factors that indicate the correct choice of purchasing real estate in this amazing country. Other advantages include the following points:

• Montenegro is visa-free for citizens of a number of countries, so you can visit this country at any time and without any special bureaucratic problems.

• The Serbian-Croatian language is very easy to learn, so there should be no difficulties, while the knowledge of English makes it possible to communicate perfectly with the local population.

• Small town. The largest city in the country is Podgorica. Its population does not exceed 150 thousand people. Thanks to this, living in the localities of this state, you can enjoy a quiet, measured and pleasant life. But, despite this, there is an immaculately developed infrastructure: numerous public places, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.

• Attractive price. An important advantage is not only the ability to buy real estate in Montenegro cheap, but also the fact that there are low prices for everything.

• The availability of access to the Adriatic sea and the impressive resort areas. The beaches of the Adriatic sea stretch for tens of kilometers, which are fully equipped for a comfortable stay not only for adults, but also for children. In addition, the country has a huge number of cultural and historical monuments.

• Healthy and nutritious food. The land of Montenegro is very fertile, so it is almost not fertilized, and therefore grows environmentally friendly products. The national cuisine is full of a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes that will appeal to everyone, regardless of where they come from.

In addition to the above advantages of purchasing real estate in Montenegro, there is also the simplicity of the procedure for registration of purchase/sale, as well as an impeccable environmental situation and cleanliness. The owner gets the opportunity to rent out the property during his absence and receive a decent income.

Montenegro is one of the most attractive countries for buying a home, because it has everything you need for life: low prices for services, a pleasant climate, the Adriatic coast, excellent ecology, rich culture and an incredible number of resort towns.